Plumbers Dynamic Keyword Insertion

How to Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DNI) on Google Ads for Plumbers

Open the Google Ads account you want to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion on and navigate to “Campaigns”

Click on the campaign you want to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion on.

Click on the Ad Group you want to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion on.

You should see a list of keywords under the Ad Group you have selected. If you don’t, click the blue “+” button and add the keywords you want to use. If you are a plumber who needs help deciding which keywords to use, download our Plumbing Keywords Guide for free!

Now that you see which keywords are currently in your ad group, make sure you add any keywords you want to use before the next step.

After you’ve added the keywords you want to use, click on “Ads”

Click on the pencil icon on your Responsive Search Ad

Navigate to the headlines section of your Ad. 

Type “{“ in the headline, and select “Keyword insertion”

Type one of the keywords from the list of keywords you have under your Ad Group in the text box. 

If you did this step correctly, you should see this under the headline.

Congratulations! You are now using Dynamic Keyword Insertion on your Google Ads campaign! You should use a mix of Dynamic Keyword Insertion and other headlines. See the picture above to use as an example when you setup your own campaign.

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