How to Take Advantage of Google’s PAA (People Also Ask) for Pest Control SEO

Pest control company owners – have you been told you should be using Google’s People Also Ask for your website to strengthen your SEO? In this post, I am going to show you exactly how I helped Ken VahnDijk, founder of EcoCare Pest Control do just that in 17 minutes.

Step 1: Find the Right Questions

To find the right PAA questions you should be answering, you need to know your business goals. Each pest control company is different, and should answer different questions. EcoCare Pest Control serves residents in Portland & Vancouver, and offers services including but not limited to:

-Rodent removal (rats, mice, squirrels, etc)

-Bug removal (bedbugs, fleas, spiders, etc)

So, I typed what a potential customer would type into Google:

And I got this:

Now, do this for each category that serves your business goals. For Ken, I got every single relevant PAA question for the animals and insects he removes, and printed a piece of paper with all of the questions. Feel free to download my PAA Guide for Pest Control Companies and use the same questions yourself!

Step 2: Video Interview

After you have all of your questions ready, it’s time to create some video content. I invited Ken to a Riverside meeting, and started asking all of the PAA questions I gathered. Ken is very well-spoken, quick, and straight to the point. Our interview only lasted 17 minutes, and we got plenty of extremely valuable content from it!

Step 3: Process Your Video

After our recording session, I downloaded the raw video files and added them to Descript, the transcription tool I use to repurpose video content. I removed the filler words like “uhm” and “like”, applied studio sound to the video, and added captions that fit EcoCare’s branding.

Here is an example of one of those videos:

Since this video was edited in Descript, I had the transcript that we could give to ChatGPT to create a blog post around the video. I will explain this process in the next step.

Step 4: Create a Blog Post

I took our Descript transcript and gave it to ChatGPT with the prompt, “This is a transcript of a conversation I had with a pest control expert. Could you turn this into a blog post?”

ChatGPT then gave me the blog post that you can see here on EcoCare’s website. I used the original video that the blog post stemmed from to help with SEO- Google loves videos!

Now, we have a blog post with an accompanying video on EcoCare’s website that addresses Google’s PAA questions. How awesome is that?!?

BONUS STEP: Further Repurposing

We have all of this video content from the interview, so why not have your virtual assistant create a spicy short-form video from all of the different topics like this?

I hope this post helps pest control company owners strengthen their SEO using this simple method to integrate the People Also Ask (PAA) feature into their website!

My name is Will Troup, and I help pest control companies achieve their goals through proven digital marketing strategies. If you need help with your digital marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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