How to Purchase a Personal Brand Site on Namecheap

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Search for [YourName].com

Step 3

If your name is taken, you will have to choose another TLD (top-level domain). If you have the money and patience to make an offer to get [YourName].com, go for it. However, this is not necessary and 99% of the time not worth the money or time.

If you are unable to get [YourName].com, here are the best TLD alternatives:

.me – Highly personal, making it ideal for individual branding. It directly implies a focus on the individual.

.name – Specifically intended for personal names, making it an excellent choice for individual branding.

.bio – Great for professionals who want to highlight their biography or personal story.

.pro – Suggests a high level of professionalism and expertise in a certain field.

.expert – Useful for individuals who want to emphasize their expertise in a particular area.

.co – Short and professional; though originally meant as a country code, it’s now widely used for global domains.

.io – Trendy among tech professionals and digital personal brands.

.tv – Ideal for those in entertainment or who produce a lot of video content.

.info – Useful for informational personal brand sites, particularly if the individual is a thought leader or educator.

.online – Modern and flexible, suitable for a wide range of personal brands.

Step 4

Since is unavailable, we will purchase Click on the domain and press “add to cart.”

Step 5

In most cases, you shouldn’t need to purchase any of the “protection” or other addons. Press the “checkout” button.

Step 6

Press “confirm order”


Congratulations! You now own your own personal brand site! This guide also works for purchasing company domains.

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